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Alicante Airport is situated approximately 9 km from Alicante, in the Region of Murcia. It is the fifth largest airport in Spain, serving popular holiday destinations towards the south of the famous Costa Blanca. Although not as large as Malaga Airport, Alicante does handle over ten million passengers per year, and these numbers are steadily increasing. The airport's facilities are also constantly being upgraded. Tourists arriving at the airport will find many transportation options, including bus and taxi services. The bus services offered at the airport will take you too many nearby and further afield destinations, and because the bus services are much more cost efficient than a taxi or private transfer, many passengers prefer to travel in this way.

From Alicante Airport, by bus, passengers can travel to downtown Alicante in order to reach the Alicante Train Station, the Alicante Central Bus Station and Plaza Puerta del Mar, near the harbour area of Alicante. Buses are also available to areas further from Alicante, such as Benidorm, Elche and Murcia. The bus stops at the airport are very easy to locate, as they are just outside the arrivals area and exit of the airport. Simply exit the airport and you will see all the buses and taxis parked just on the other side of the road. The bus stop area can be confusing because there is just one big area for all the buses and taxis, however, the buses are generally well indicated. The most popular routes all start from Bus stop No. 30 at the outside arrivals area.

The busiest bus route is the Airport to Alicante City bus line, or Line C-6. This bus is available approximately every 20 minutes from the airport; therefore, if you have seemed to have missed the last bus, another will be there shortly. It is also available for travel throughout the year, and until late at night. If you would like to find out when the next bus is arriving, you could ask the other passengers how long they have already been waiting. This will then give you an idea of how much time you have before the next bus arrives. The Line C-6 bus is marked in Spanish, as Centro Ciudad – Aeropuerto. A trip to downtown Alicante costs around three Euro, and is quite long, about forty minutes. If you would like to reach the Alicante Train Station, ask the driver for Estacion de trenes, and he will let you know where to get off the bus. Your exit will be at Plaza de los Luceros, which is in walking distance from the train station.

Passengers can also travel to the Alicante Central Bus Station on this bus - simply asks the driver for Estacion de autobuses. The central bus station is only five stops away from the airport, and you will exit at C/Pintor Lorenzo Casanova 26. The downtown bus station in Alicante is located nearby the harbour, at Plaza Puerta del Mar. This area has many excellent hotels, and is also a good place to get off if you will be continuing your journey by Alicante streetcar, (or also known as a TRAM).

A direct bus connection to Benidorm is available from the airport. This route is operated by the Spanish bus company ALSA. The Benidorm bus leaves from Bus stop No. 30 at the airport, and runs thirteen times a day in each direction. The first bus departs from the airport at 08:00, and the last at 23:00. In the other direction, the first bus to depart is at 07:00, and the last bus to leave Benidorm for the airport is at 22:00. Travelling from Alicante Airport to Benidorm takes around 45 minutes. There are also buses available for Benidorm from the Central Bus Station in Alicante. Buses from here are available approximately every half an hour, and a one-way ticket costs around four Euro. A return ticket is available for about seven Euro. The prices will also vary depending on the time of day you travel. Many other popular destinations can be reached from the Alicante Central Bus Station, as a variety of bus companies operate from here, and offer connections to all over Spain.

The ALSA bus company also offers routes to the city of Murcia from Alicante Airport, while the Subus runs a bus service from the airport to Elche. The buses traveling to Elche are marked as Line 1A and 1B. Further information about these two bus services can be found on their websites, at www.subus.es and www.alsa.es.

Alicante bus drivers are reported to be extremely friendly and helpful, however, they are mostly only able to speak Spanish, therefore, if you can speak a few words in Spanish it is most useful. Regardless, they will do their best to assist you in reaching your destination. The buses themselves are also comfortable, and are mainly charter carriers. They have air conditioning as well, which is a relief during the hot summer months. Further information is available within Alicante's Airport terminals, at the information desks in the check-in and departure areas.